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We design and source our products with one goal in mind: to enhance the lives of our customers by making their spaces more pleasing. We pride ourselves on our standards for quality and innovation 

We put our hearts and souls into each and every project, as we feel as though our customers deserve no less than perfection. We are not here just to work; we want to help you make your dreams come true.  


We are one of the longest thriving Stone Fabricators in New York; passed down from generations. We have been working with marble and granite for over thirty-five years. 

35+ Years




What North Shore Stone has that other stone fabricators do not is the knowledge of the material, and the experience working with it.


We can, with absolute certainty and confidence, recommend the perfect stone for your purposes, whether it be for vanities, wall pieces, or whatever else you need for your home.

We have extensive experience with design, and we will always have the perfect image in mind for your project.              


Walter, with all of his experience, can and will tell you exactly what you need to achieve your goals. He is incredibly proud of every job he has been a part of because we work under a simple philosophy of treating every house like it is our own home.


Give us a call! Our customer service agents are always happy to help!

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