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All products are shipped via common carrier, not by North Shore Stone. Carrier assignments are at the discretion of North Shore Stone. All goods or materials are shipped FOB Secaucus, NJ. Ownership of the materials transfers to the buyer at point of shipment.



    • Be careful to verify box count before signing the bill of lading & note any box count discrepancies immediately on the bill of lading before signing it.


    • You and/or your on-site representatives (general contractor, subcontractors, installer & any person responsible to the property owner regarding the installation of the product) must fully open & inspect all merchandise upon delivery to the jobsite.


    • All damages must be reported to the carrier and Artistic Tile in writing within 72 hrs of receipt, and any discrepancies should be marked on the bill of lading. 


    • Artistic Tile will process freight claims on your behalf at your request, but assumes no liability for the success of claims.

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